Homegrown zombies!

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A new zombie flick, made entirely by Bedford College talent could be hitting our screens soon.

The Dead Inside, which was made by Jimmy Mann, Julian Hundy, Andrew Gilbert and Jamie Meekins is the result of three years, £15,000 and bags of effort.

Jimmy said: “Hopefully the film has quite a few scares and quite a few shocks. We think there are quite a few shocking scenes in it.

“The best moment for me was when we had about 80 or 90 extras running towards the camera all at once and we got such a great shot, all of those extras covered in blood. I just turned to the boys and said ‘we are making a film’.”

The gang met while studying for foundation degrees in film production at Bedford College, and decided that the best way to get filmmaking experience was to do it themselves.

Scenes from The Dead Inside are shot across the region in Cranfield, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Wootton.

Jimmy added: “Together we’ve created something that almost looks like it had quite a big budget, but actually we had quite a small budget in comparison.”

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