Hints made at rail line extension

Marston Vale track could be connected with Milton Keynes.

A long-awaited extension to the Marston Vale line may be on track.

Silverlink Trains director Julian Drury told an annual meeting of the Bedford to Bletchley Rail Users' Association (BBRUA) the line could be extended to Milton Keynes.

That would link the route to high-speed services to Scotland and the North-West.

Mr Drury was unavailable for comment when contacted by the Times & Citizen, and Silverlink could not confirm whether or not proposals were in the pipeline.

Spokesman Graham Bashford said: "I know there has been talk about this for some time but it may be a long-term aspiration.

"Mr Drury may have said it will happen after 2007. Or he may have said we would be able to look at it after 2007.

"But we would have to look at the layout of Bletchley station before this happened."

The BBRUA meeting took place on March 15.

Chairman Richard Crane said: "The first we heard about this was when Mr Drury spoke at the meeting.

"But it is something we have been battering away at for years. By reaching Milton Keynes, passengers would have an excellent spread of connecting services."


Kempston Hardwick railway station will become a request stop only from Monday, June 13.

The move has been welcomed by passengers as "common sense", while rail bosses at

Silverlink say it will reduce wear and tear.

Kempston Hardwick is on the Marston Vale line between Bedford and Bletchley.

Silverlink spokesman Graham Bashford said: "Kempston Hardwick is a little-used

station. By not stopping and starting unnecessarily it reduces wear and tear on the brakes and track.

"If you want to get off you can have a word with the train guard, and if you want to get on you just signal on the station.

"It will not make any difference to journey times. This sort of thing is very common already on some Welsh rural lines."

Richard Crane, chairman of the Bedford to Bletchley Rail User's Association, said: "This change makes sense. People will still have a full service and the line will be more efficient."