Hero firefighter rescues woman from river after she ‘rolled in the water’

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A woman was rescued from drowning in the River Ouse by a firefighter hero who had swum out to save her.

The woman, thought to be in her early 20s and who has not been named, was reported to have been reading the Bible moments before passers by saw her ‘roll into the water’ by the Butterfly Bridge.

Eyes witnesses said a life ring was thrown out to her but she refused to take it.

The fire service received a call at 7.17am and were on the scene four minutes later.

Fire-fighter Grant swam out to where she was and then recovered her to the safety of the riverbank. She had taken in a lot of water but her condition was not life threatening, it was reported.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dave Fothergill said: “This was the kind of quick and efficient rescue we train and practice for and I would like to commend all the officers involved for their fast work and speedy reactions. We were on scene within minutes as the crews sized up the situation and took appropriate action immediately - meaning we were able to rescue the woman swiftly and so save her life.

“Thanks to the prompt reactions of passers-by in calling 999 we were able to get trained crews into the water very quickly.”

The dramatic rescue had taken only seven minutes from receiving the first call to having her brought to the riverside and treated by paramedics.