Heavy Rain may bring sunshine fame for Bedford songwriter in film Delicious

Cicero Buck.
Cicero Buck.

A song written by a Bedford musician is to be featured in the film Delicious, being released this month.

Kristine Wilkinson, the leader of the popular kids singing group The Frogs Chorus, is set for national recognition when her song Heavy Rain is used the feature film starring Shelia Hancock and Louise Brearly of Sherlock fame.

Kristine left Nashville to relocate to Bedford with her British husband and after having her children put her own career on the backburner and became Bedford’s most respected and loved Children’s Group Leader of The Frogs Chorus, which runs weekly singing sessions in Bedford.

After a chance meeting with a label who loved her songwriting style, Kristine found herself back in the studio recording an EP, which featured her beautiful Americana styled acoustic rock,co-written and performed as Cicero Buck, with her husband, bassist, Joe Hughes.

Another stroke of luck put the new EP in the hands of composer, Michael Price, who was working on a score for the new film, ‘Delicious’, written and directed by his wife, Tammy Riley Smith, starring Louise Brealey (Sherlock) and actress Sheila Hancock.

Michael, who also scores the music for the BBC series, Sherlock, selected two tracks from the EP to complement the film, ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Maybees’. It took a year and a half of waiting but the film is finally set to be released.

It’s been said to be one of the best uses of music to film and will be unforgettable. In honour of the film, her duo, Cicero Buck, have created a music video to accompany the song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUE-iL5qTUQ&feature=youtu.be

and help give both the band and the film a bit more exposure.