Hospital staff reveal views on management support and working conditions in annual survey

Bedford Hospital.

Bedford Hospital.

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Bedford Hospital is a place where staff are supported by their managers, can contribute towards improvements, and are less likely to suffer work-related stress than their colleagues in most other NHS hospitals, a survey has revealed.

The views of hospital staff have been published in the NHS National Staff Survey 2013 this week.

The survey was carried out late last year, asking staff a range of questions about their workplace and working environment. The same questions were also put to staff at other NHS hospitals across the country.

Results were then summarised into 28 key findings, with Bedford Hospital better than the NHS average for 16 key findings, and in line with the NHS average for five key findings.

Bedford Hospital was also in the top 20% of Trusts for seven of the 28 key findings. These were:

>> Percentage of staff receiving health and safety training in the last 12 months (83% of staff, compared to a national average of 76%)

>> Percentage of staff suffering work-related stress in the last 12 months

(32% of staff, compared to a national average of 37%)

>> Percentage of staff reporting errors, near misses or incidents in the last month (94% of staff, compared to a national average of 90%)

>> Percentage of staff experiencing physical violence from patients, relatives or the public in the last 12 months (13% of staff, compared to a national average of 15%)

>> Percentage of staff feeling pressure in the last three months to attend work when feeling unwell (25% of staff, compared to a national average of 28%)

>> Percentage of staff able to contribute towards improvements at work

(72% of staff, compared to a national average of 68%)

>> Percentage of staff receiving support from immediate managers

(A score of 37.2 out of 5, compared to a national average of 3.64).

The survey was run by the Picker Institute, an independent company which has run NHS-wide surveys for several years.

Chief Executive, Stephen Conroy, said: “This survey is a great benchmark of how we are doing as an employer, and I’m pleased to see that overall, our staff feel well supported, engaged and involved.

“Although we’ve not seen dramatic improvements in any single area, considering the challenging period we were in during the survey, the gradual improvement across key areas is really positive. The survey also helps us to pinpoint areas where staff feel we could do better, and we will be building action plans to address the issues and concerns they have raised.

“We are doing lots of work at Bedford to improve staff engagement and morale. Our fantastic workforce are our best asset and we know that happy, well motivated staff, provide better care for patients.”

Overall Bedford Hospital’s results were in line with the verdict of staff 12 months ago in the 2012 survey. Of the 28 key findings, the Trust saw significant improvement in two areas: the percentage of staff receiving health and safety training – up from 70% in 2012 to 83% in 2013; and the percentage of staff having equality and diversity training – up from 50% a year ago to 70% in the latest survey.

There was a significant decline in one area: the percentage of staff who believe that the Trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion, down from 92% to 85%.

Bedford Hospital also had an above average percentage of staff working extra hours – 78% compared to a national average of 70%. And the percentage of staff who had received an appraisal in the preceding 12 months was 78%, rather than the national average of 84%.