‘Princess’ Lois is guest at Downing Street party

Lois Russell outside Downing Street with mum Karen

Lois Russell outside Downing Street with mum Karen

A young girl who suffers with a severe form of cerebral palsy spent the day treated like a princess when she was invited to a magical Christmas party at Downing Street.

Lois Russell, six, suffers from severe spastic quadreplegic cerebral palsy and needs round-the-clock care.

The condition means she is 50 per cent blind, is unable to walk or talk and suffers seizures daily. Her condition was a result of a traumatic birth that left her brain damaged.

She is constantly in and out of hospital and requires round-the-clock care.

On Monday mum Karen and Lois attended the Starlight Children’s Foundation special Christmas party , hosted by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and his team at 11 Downing Street.

Karen, who lives in Kempston with husband Stuart, Lois and their two other children, said: “It was a magical day. They really made Lois feel like a princess for the day. There were lots of celebrities there and George Osborne. It was really informal and everybody was really friendly.”

She added: “I think her favourite part of the day was when this lady who was modelling balloons made a special bracelet for Lois. Lois is 50 per cent blind so a balloon would have been no use to her. She made a special bracelet with bells on that jingled when she moved.

“That was really special for her because she can hear it and especially when she is having a seizure, which happens regularly. It was really nice she went to the effort to do something different that she would like.”

The Starlight charity gives wishes to people with life-limiting or terminal conditions. The Russell family got involved with them recently to see if it could grant Lois a wish.

Karen, 31, added: “We had been speaking to them about Lois and then out of the blue we got a call inviting her to this party.

“Lois cannot do a lot so things like this really make a difference to her. There is no cure, this is her life, so we are really grateful to Starlight.

“The day completely wiped her out for the next two days but she had such a lovely time, it was definitely worth it.”

For more details go to www.starlight.org.uk




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