Babies are in good hands at Bedford, according to survey

Bedford Hospital South Wing.

Bedford Hospital South Wing.

If you’re heading to a hospital to have your baby, it seems there is nowhere better than Bedford.

The maternity unit at Bedford Hospital is one of the best-performing units in the country, according to a survey of new mothers.

And women who gave birth at Bedford are more likely to feel that they were “treated with kindness and understanding” than they were at any other maternity unit.

The Picker Institute National NHS Maternity Survey 2013 assessed 66 Hospital Trusts. Mothers who gave birth in February 2013 were given a questionnaire which asked a range of questions, covering antenatal care, labour and birth, postnatal hospital care, feeding and post natal care at home.

Bedford’s head of midwifery Naomi Gallagher said: “We received great results from the last national survey of mothers’ views in 2010. Once again we are delighted to receive such positive feedback from the women who used Bedford Hospital Maternity Service in 2013.

“We believe that by involving women in their care from the outset helps us to provide compassionate good quality clinical care. And keeping women and their partner at the centre of our attention enables us as a team to deliver a high standard of care”.

From the answers given by mothers who took part, Bedford Hospital scored above average in 35 of 45 questions, including seven questions where the Picker Institute rated Bedford Hospital as being “significantly better than average”.

Bedford was the top scoring Trust, of all 66 hospitals, for two questions: women were asked if they agreed with the statement that they were not treated with kindness and understanding. 76 per cent of new mothers who gave birth at Bedford did not agree with that statement, compared to 36 per cent nationally.

And women were also asked to state if they did not have the midwife’s telephone number. No new mothers at Bedford Hospital reported this problem.

The Picker Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that makes patients’ views count in healthcare. It runs the National NHS Patient and Staff Survey Co-ordination Centres on behalf of the Care Quality Commission and NHS England, and is an approved NHS Survey Contractor.




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