Clinic treats whole body to cure illness

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The key to health and vitality is to treat the whole person when a health issue arises.

This is the philosophy of the A.M.I. Clinic which has opened in Kempston.

The clinic was officially unveiled by Mayor of Kempston Carl Meader.

The clinic offers a range of alternative treatments such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, diet and nutrition and psychotherapy to tackle health issues.

Clinic director Dr Navin Agarwal grew up in Kempston and after graduating from The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, worked in clinics in London.

He said he has “returned home to offer the community a different perspective to health and wellbeing”.

The clinic believes no single system has the answer to every medical problem and combines the principles of conventional and complementary medicines to treat conditions.

It promotes health as a state of physical, chemical and emotional wellbeing, and says if these are out of balance, the body has to adapt and compensate which makes it prone to sickness and disease.

The A.M.I clinic has male and female doctors and therapists, who evaluate these factors.

They work across a number of disciplines, and hope to educate and help people to make lifestyle choices that promote health, well being and vitality.

The new clinic is located at 17 Ampthill Road.

For more information call 01234 307565, or visit