Bedford elderly residential care in spotlight

Elderly care.
Elderly care.

Negotiations are taking place over who provides residential care for the elderly in Bedford borough in the future.

Bedford Borough Council is in discussions over extending its existing contract with BUPA as part of a wide-ranging review of providing accommodation for an ageing population

The council’s Older People’s Accommodation report this week approved the negotiation of the existing contract with BUPA for an extended period, recognising that the paramount consideration is the effective transition of the service for those in need.

The report also said that if required the residential care homes and staff could be transferred to the council for a temporary period while the authority puts long term plans in place.

Cllr Colleen Atkins, Executive Member for Adults Services, said: “We want to reassure residents and their relatives that during this time they won’t see any changes to their normal services.

“This period will allow the council to conduct a detailed review of how the services will be delivered in the future.

“It is important to determine a long-term sustainable future provision for care services. We want the best solution that provides homes that are modern and able to deliver nursing care.”

Bedford Borough Council will continue to consult residents, relatives, staff and other local stakeholders including NHS and voluntary sector partners in the production of plans.