£3.2 million review of health services to be carried out in partnership with MK

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Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed to carry out a £3.2million review of health services in the county, in partnership with Milton Keynes CCG.

The work will be supported by the NHS watchdog, Monitor, NHS England and the NHS Trust Development Authority, and will build on public consultations previously carried out by Bedford Hospital following the paediatric ward crisis.

BCCG chief clinical officer Dr Paul Hassan said: “We are looking forward to working with the national partners to improve health care for the people of Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.”

In a letter to the partners he outlined the BCCG’s request to take an “active and lead role in the governance of the work”, and added any decisions based on the outcome of the study will need the group’s authorisation.

The cost of the review will be met by Monitor.

Meanwhile, patient medical records held in GP surgeries are to be shared with approved NHS organisations.

From this spring, patients medical data will be uploaded to the Health and Social Information database where it will be automatically processed to protect individual’s identities.

The results will then enable the NHS to plan for patient care and improved treatment in the future.

Leaflets entitled “Better Information Means Better Care” are being delivered to the region this week explaining how patient data will be collected, stored and analysed. It also explains how patients can opt out of the scheme if they wish.

Health data analysis has been taking place with hospital records since the 1980s.

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