Girls style Blue Peter presenters

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Two young girls became fashion stylists for the day where got to decided what Blue Peter presenters should wear for a special ‘takeover day’.

Bedford Modern School Year 8 pupil Eleanor McEwan and her cousin, Francesca Greenlees, who is in Year 6 at Bedford Modern Junior School were both selected as fashion stylists for the day.

Eleanor said: “Francesca and I made a homemade fashion magazine back in February in the hope of earning a Blue Peter Badge but we got more than we asked for.”

“We were required in Media City in Manchester for two days’ filming and I was so excited when I saw the BBC sign.

“The camera crew was very kind and Francesca and I tried some of the bizarre items of clothing on until we finally decided on what the Blue Peter presenters, Helen and Barney, needed to wear for the show before taking part in filming in the Blue Peter studios,

“It’s virtually impossible to name a favourite part of the experience, as every single part was magical. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m very grateful I could be part of it.”

Eleanor and Francesca were contacted in October being told that Blue Peter had a competition coming up called Take Over Day and on the basis of their passion for fashion in their magazine their names would be entered into the competition to become fashion stylists.

Francesca added: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Blue Peter, and meeting Helen and Barney.

“We had great fun choosing the outfits for them – the choice of clothes was unique and it was fun deciding on the outfits they should wear for the show.

“We had a wonderful time and it is an experience that we shall never forget.”

The Blue Peter Take Over Day feature aired the CBBC Channel at 5.45pm last Thursday.