Future of our landscape with new solar farms

Solar panels
Solar panels

General locations for solar farms are being considered.

Next Thursday Central Beds Council’s sustainable communities overview and scrutiny committee will discuss a draft planning guidance document for solar farms.

The document does not suggest specific sites but it highlights the need to use flatter areas of land in a bid to reduce the developments’ visual impact.

It says: “Large scale solar farms can have a negative impact on the rural environment, particularly in very undulating landscapes.

“However, the visual impact of a well planned and well screened solar farm can often be properly addressed within the landscape.

“Those areas where the landscape is flatter and where there is screening from hedgerows and tree lines would be best placed to accommodate solar farms.”

The document lists potential for development to the west and south of Arlesey, to the west of Blunham, in the Ivel Valley but not directly in the river corridors, to the east and south of Biggleswade and around Tempsford.

There is limited scope north of Potton, towards Cockayne Hatley and in the Henlow Camp and Stondon area.