Full charge for Marston Vale

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An electric car charge point has been set up at the Forest of Marston Vale.

Electric vehicle owners, who are members of Source London or Source East, can now roam between the capital and the East of England secure in the knowledge they will be able to charge their vehicles across both areas.

An agreement between electric vehicle charging networks Source London and Source East means that members of both will be able to use the other’s charge points free of charge, and have access to around 940 charge points throughout London and the East England, including Marston Vale.

Nick Webb, chief executive of The Marston Vale Trust, which runs the centre, said: “The development of roaming between the eastern region and London’s network of electric vehicle charging points is a fantastic development.

“We hope our charging post will give more electric car owners confidence to visit the Forest of Marston Vale, because the Forest Centre could now be within range for many.

“After all, a car can be charged in the time most people stay at the centre; whether that’s for business or pleasure.”

Source London has 810 charge points throughout the capital with plans to increase that to 1300 in 2013. 

Source East covers the East of England region and includes the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex together with Peterborough, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, Luton, Thurrock and Southend. 

Currently with 132 charge points, Source East aspires to have 800 publicly accessible charge points - one within 25 miles of all businesses and residents in the Eastern counties.

Keith Bevis, Managing Director for EValu8, the company that manages the Source East programme, said: “Working to make electric car charging points more accessible to all our members is something that we are very passionate about, especially with the heritage the East of England has for developing green transport solutions.

“The roaming scheme means we will be able to continue to support and help motorists travel in a sustainable way.”