Freddie, 12 pens musical work for his Holocaust grandfather

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A youngster’s moving tribute to his grandfather who survived the Holocaust played a key part in commemorations on Monday.

Pianist Freddie Budek, who attends Newnham Middle School, spoke to his grandmother about the experiences of his grandfather who, as a student, was sent to the Dachau concentration camp, and then a work camp during the Second World War. The talented twelve-year-old composed the piece, Listopad, and refined it at school.

Listopad, which means November, the month of remembrance and his grandfather’s birth and death, was performed for the first time at the civic Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations at The Harpur Suite. Prior to that school pupils and dignitaries attended a memorial service at the Anne Frank Tree, in Russell Park.

Headteacher Maxine Burrows, said: “The piece is written in the classical style and you can actually visualise images of the Holocaust. We are extremely proud of Freddie, he is an asset to the school.”