Former students set up website

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A FORMER student has set up a website to provide information on university life for people heading off to uni for the first time.

Richard Jones who lives in Biddenham with his girlfriend Zoe, has a set up the website Students Love Uni to help people getting ready to leave for uni to get a feel for what their next three years is going to be like.

Richard, 29, who also works full time in London, and Zoe set the site up in their spare time over the last three years. They are planning for it to go live at the end of this week.

Richard said: “Both me and my girlfriend are graduates and we both felt quite strongly that people don’t really know what to expect when they head off to uni.

“I graduated eight years ago now and I felt then that there wasn’t really anywhere you could go for information on where you were going. “

Students Love Uni provides information on most of the big universities in the UK, with details on places of interest, the campus, and the nightlife. The majority of the content has been written by media students on work experience.

Richard added: “We want to help graduates who are struggling to find jobs at the moment. We are still on the look out for more writers as well.”

To see the website in action go to