Flood protection measures put in place across Bedford area as more rain is on the way

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Flood protection measures are being put into place across the Bedford area as further rainfall is forecast and homeowners likely to be hit are contacted.

Bedford Borough Council is working with local emergency services and volunteer groups to provide a joined up approach to tackle the threat of floods affecting homes and businesses in the borough.

While the borough has been spared some of the worst flooding occurring elsewhere in the country, the borough council flood response officers have been contacting homes that could be affected by continued heavy rainfall.

The council is also working with local organisations including the RSPCA and Bedfordshire and Luton Emergency Volunteers and emergency services to be prepared should flooding take place.

Special ‘aqua bags’ are ready for use locally to be installed at appropriate locations and these have the potential to direct the flow of water and help protect communities.

An additional 1,000 have also been ordered which will be available ahead of further rain predicted at the weekend.

Advice about how homes and business can prepare themselves is also available on the council website www.bedford.gov.uk, with further information on the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience site www.bllrf.org.uk

Mayor Dave Hodgson, said: “Bedford Borough has not seen the level of substantial flooding occurring elsewhere in the country but we cannot be complacent.

“We have plans in place to tackle any floods where they may occur and staff are working with emergency services and local volunteer groups to prepare should conditions deteriorate. We’ve also been in touch with the RSPCA to enable pets and animals to be protected.

“Our priority will be to safeguard the most vulnerable, the young and the elderly. Our trained teams are contacting homes across the borough to provide advice and information.

“Should flooding occur we have an experienced volunteer flood response team who will be deployed to help protect residents and properties affected. The team have put in additional training throughout the week in case they are called upon to help in emergency situations.

“Council staff have also been out to key locations every day to key locations across the borough clearing ditches and culverts to improve the flow of water.

“Across the rest of the council flood preparation has been identified as the top priority with staff primed for action.”