Father-to-be died taking ‘party drugs’

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Bedford’s coroner is hoping the death of a father-to-be will be a warning for people who take recreational drugs.

Hearing the inquest into the death of former Bedford Blues rugby player David Wagstaff, senior coroner Tom Osborne wished, “his court had been full of young people” as he read out the pathologist’s report.

Mr Wagstaff, 23, from Ravensden, died on November 2, last year. He was said to have taken four ‘wraps’ containing a lethal cocktail of substances including ecstasy, amphetamine and methadone.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Albert Freer told the court Mr Wagstaff had joined a group of about 30 friends to go to a rave in London the night before he died.

He and some friends had climbed through a window to get into a warehouse party, in Waterloo, packed with about 2,000 people, where he was said to be “having the time of his life”.

The group then went to an address in London where it is believed he took the drugs.

Mr Wagstaff was given a lift back to Bedford the next morning and was described as being agitated and sweating, with “his eyes rolling to the back of his head”. He is reported to have tried to open the rear car door on the motorway twice.

Det Sgt Freer said Mr Wagstaff was given a lift to his pregnant girlfriend Natalie Brown’s house, in Faldo Road, where she found him collapsed in her garden saying he was thirsty. He was taken to Bedford Hospital where he later died.

Miss Brown is due to give birth to a boy, Mr Wagstaff’s son, in July.

Recording a verdict of drug-related death, Mr Osborne said: “This is a real tragedy with a baby on the way.”

He added: “Buying drugs on a rave dancefloor packed with 2,000 people is foolhardy. You don’t know what you are buying. The recreational drugs taken at raves, parties, or wherever, can kill you, and this is a prime example of this.”