Fancy a not so long walk to Freedom?

The Embankment, Bedford
The Embankment, Bedford

Discover the jewel in Bedford’s crown during this weekend’s guided walk.

The Embankment and riverside area is certainly an attraction and there is much to see and much that could be overlooked or simply taken for granted without a prompt, say the Bedford Association of Tour Guides team who organise the walks.

Do you know where the Cornerstone of Freedom is to be found or even how it came to be there, and what is its connection with the White House in Washington?

Did you know that the bandstand actually started its life at the Empire Exhibition at Wembley in London in 1925 and that where it stands now is its second location in the town?

How long is the River Great Ouse and where does it start are often asked questions.

You can hear the answers by joining the guided walk, led by a member of the Bedford Association of Tour Guides.

This weekend’s walk, the next in a summer series, leaves the Tourist Information Centre in St Paul’s Square at 11am on Sunday, June 8.

The cost is £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

Booking is essential by calling the Tourist Information Centre on 01234 718112.