Family find their ideal home thanks to Help To Buy scheme

Claudine Tilman-Brew with her daughter Chloe and son Thomas at New Cardington.
Claudine Tilman-Brew with her daughter Chloe and son Thomas at New Cardington.

One family have found the perfect fresh start at New Cardington, thanks to the Help To Buy scheme.

Claudine Tilman-Brew and her daughter Chloe, 21, and son Thomas, 15, needed to move home.

Previously living in Shortstown, the family wanted to stay in the area they called home - thanks to the they found their ideal home at New Cardington, in a development by Bellway Homes.

Claudine, 42, a local mortgage advisor explains: “Moving from a marital home can be difficult, but my children and I saw it as a positive step.

“As a working single mum I wasn’t interested in a secondhand property, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to spend working on it or decorating it. After hearing about New Cardington, I went and viewed the properties and fell in love with a three bedroom house listed as number 13.

“It sounds silly, but the house was perfect, but only the number of the house was stopping me from pursuing it. My daughter Chloe then made a very good point; number 13 could be the opposite and actually be very lucky for us!

“She was so right and we haven’t looked back since. Our favourite room is the kitchen / dining room as we all get together over dinner and talk. It is also where our house bunnies live, although I’m sure they are looking forward to living outside soon in the summer as we have a great size garden!

“Help to Buy was invaluable for our move here. The interest free loan from the government just helped to bridge the gap of the deposit which I couldn’t have done on my own. It allowed us to purchase our home at a price I could afford, and in the area we wanted to stay in. The sales team were really helpful throughout the whole purchase.”

Claudine added: “I’ve had such a positive experience buying my Bellway home, the sales team and aftercare were really helpful throughout the whole purchase and still are, I couldn’t be more impressed.”