Familiar faces turn up at Jubilee reunion

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Former classmates took over a Bedford club in what has been described as the town’s biggest school reunion.

The ex-pupils of Silver Jubilee School, which closed in 1999, travelled across the globe to join the party in the Central Club, on Saturday, August 2.

The bash was organised by friends Jeannie Richards, Marilyn Foster and Eleonora Valente, who were at the school from 1968.

Eleonora said: “It was an amazing and emotional day.

“There were about 300 people who came, some from America, from Europe and even the Shetland Isles - it must have been the biggest reunion ever.

“There were so many of us, we were spilling out on to the street.”

She added: “People were meeting friends they hadn’t seen for 30 or 40 years. It was amazing that they recognised each other. The oldest guest went to the school in 1938.”

The group managed to locate the former pupils using Facebook and social media.

Eleonora said: “Jeannie set up the Facebook group and the word spread from there.We will all be keeping in touch via the group and are planning to hold another reunion in 18 months.”

The party also raised £70 for Bedford Daycare Hospice.

Silver Jubilee School was a secondary school located in Acacia Road, off London Road, which took pupils from age 11 to 16 from 1937.