Expect an emotional journey as actors face Sell By Date

Marbleglass Theatre co with Sell By Date at Bedfringe.
Marbleglass Theatre co with Sell By Date at Bedfringe.

The emotions surrounding the prospect of death are explored in a Bedfringe show next week, featuring an actor from Bedford.

Peter, Beth, Oliver and James find themselves on their own winding paths in a world of uncertainty, the very fabric of their existence upturned and all the paths lead to one place. Six feet underground.

The only difference is, how long is each of their paths?

Sell-By-Date is a blindingly honest black comedy which will help you find your feet on your own path. It takes the audience and throws them around the room emotionally, includes moments of outrageous hilarity blended with emotional reflection.

The show illustrates not only the morality of ones own life, but also the people, choices and difficulties that lay the foundations to the long road we all must walk.

Members of Marbleglass Theatre Company are Marcus Churchill, Ashley Sean-Cook, Joseph Derrington and Sophie Murray – who incorporates skills such as clowning, physical theatre, character work, improvisational skills, songwriting and puppetry.

Ashley is Bedford born and bred and performed with many local companies growing up in the area, including The Bedford Marianettes. Returning as a professional, he is delighted that his first touring production is premiering back where it all started.

Sell-By-Date will be performed at The South Bank Arts Centre, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, on Monday, July 21, and Tuesday, July 22, and Saturday, July 26 at 7.15pm.

Tickets are £5 on 01234 291000 or visit www.bedfringe.com

The show contains adult language and partial nudity.