EU voting apathy is so dangerous

Nadine Dorries MP
Nadine Dorries MP

Some of you will read this before the polls close on Thursday and to you I want to say: Go and vote!

Apathy about these elections is dangerous, it distorts the results and will leave you unrepresented in Europe for the next few years.

I sympathise with much of what UKIP has to say on Europe but I’m not convinced they have the answers. In fact I believe that a vote for UKIP is counter-productive for those of us who want to bring about a referendum on continued UK membership of the EU.

While I have had my differences with David Cameron, I respect his bringing about the first cut in the EU budget ever, done in the face of naysaying from all other parties. In addition to saving £8 billion in UK contributions, the Prime Minister also vetoed a proposed EU Fiscal Treaty that would have put jobs Mid-Beds at risk.

Labour, which gave away part of Margaret Thatcher’s rebate, had the nerve to criticise him for this!

But within 12 months I want to see Mr Cameron heading back to Brussels to begin renegotiation of the terms of our EU membership. I want to see powers returned to Westminster so we regain control of areas previously surrendered. There are signs that he will be supported in this by other governments, especially Germany’s Angela Merkel.

If that renegotiation fails and the only alternative is to carry on as before with our country run in an undemocratic manner by diktat from Brussels and Strasbourg, I will campaign in the 2017 referendum for us to leave the EU.

But remember, Labour and the Lib Dems oppose this plan. They won’t stand up for Britain.

UKIP cannot deliver on anything they promise. They cannot deliver the referendum Britain needs. They are simply not up to the job.