Travellers leave ‘a disgusting mess’ after camping up along Norse Road

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Travellers who camped on waste ground near to the crematorium in Norse Road for six days left the area in a ‘disgusting mess’, according to local eyewitnesses.

A nearby resident said: “There were about ten caravans and lots of kiddies on pushbikes who moved like the speed of light into the compound.”

The travellers left on Monday morning.

Another concerned resident added: “They should pay their way and keep the site tidy.

“It was heartbreaking to see the disgusting mess they left behind.

“I just feel very sorry for the people trying to do something on that site.

“The mess was just something else.

“I also feel very angry and disgusted at the state they left it in.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “The travellers left of their own accord.

“But there was a Section 61 – a direction to vacate land if there are reasonable grounds to believe trespass has occurred – about to be served on them as they then moved 50 yards up the road onto the property of a pharmaceutical company.”

The spokesman added: “Police went along to enforce a Section 61 but it wasn’t actually issued as they left shortly after a police officer spoke to them.”