Grease is the word for the talented students of Hastingsbury

Students at Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College perform Grease for their Christmas production.

Students at Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College perform Grease for their Christmas production.

Students from all years at Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College performed the classic show Grease for their production this year.

The school staged three performances of the show - a Wednesday matinee for the local lower schools and two evening performances on Thursday and Friday night for the school community.

The show follows a group of ten teenagers from Rydell High as they navigate the complicated experiences of love and growing up.

The lead roles of Sandy and Danny were played by Amy Hodgson (Year 12) and James Hannaford (Year 13) with the remaining cast involving all year groups in the college.

Mel Waller, singing director said: “The show is an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their incredible talents. Not just on the stage performing but also behind the scenes doing all the complicated work that makes a show like this possible.”

A school spokesman reviewing the show said: “The performers’ demonstrated outstanding talent performing what is an incredibly popular and instantly recognisable musical, doing great justice to the songs we all know and love from the stage show.

“From the famous Hand Jive which was performed with great enthusiasm and impressive dance moves to the touching and heart-warming renditions of Freddie My Love and Hopelessly Devoted to You the audience was blown away by the fantastic talent and professionalism of our students. The students produced an outstanding performance that had the audience on their feet for a standing ovation.

“The whole show was a student endeavour from start to finish. Students from all year were involved no only on stage but also in the band, playing the famous musical scores but also in the lighting, sound production, costume design and make up as well as the stage management. The antics’ of the notorious T-Birds stood out as some of the most amusing and entertaining parts of the night.

“The easy banter an obvious bond the groups had with each other made for captivating viewing and some laugh out loud moments.”

Daniel Bailey who played Doody said: “The best bit about being involved in Grease was the fantastic chemistry we had as a group. We’ve been working hard for months but I have loved every moment of it. The group have put all their energy into the performance and it’s been brilliant to be involved in something so energetic and exciting.”

Sam Smith who played Kenickie also said “I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with new people and to build new relationships. We got to see a totally different side of the staff who were involved as well as working with students we had never really known before. But the directors got us to really work together and I think that made for some excellent partnerships on stage.”

James Hannaford who played Danny said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this production, working with teachers and pupils was brilliant as we all gelled together so quickly. It’s been a thrilling journey and the buzz from performing is awesome!”

Emily Simpson, one of the directors of this year’s performance, said: “I am very proud of the achievements not only for the fantastic performances but also the production elements. So many students were involved behind the scenes from make-up, costume, filming and marketing. I am also proud to say I am part of the Hastingsbury team with so many members of staff helping to support the show. Every year we have new talent coming out of the woodwork and I feel it is a real honour to work with such talented students and watching them grow into confident and professional performers. I will miss the buzz of the show but I can’t wait for the new one.”




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