Drug dealer ordered to pay back nearly £300,000 or face further prison time


A criminal has been ordered to repay a total of £275,736.14 within six months or face a further three months in prison at a confiscation hearing at St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday.

Sean Davie, 45, of Greenfield received a 12 year custodial sentence last year after he pleaded guilty to three offences of conspiracy to supply cocaine, conspiracy to import amphetamine and

money laundering following an undercover police operation run by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU).

Four other defendants were also jailed. Joe Watson, 28, from Loughton in Essex, was sentenced to seven-and-a half years after pleading guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine, conspiracy to import amphetamine and illegal money transfer.

Paul O’Brien, 46, from Ramsden Heath, Billericay, Essex, was jailed for four years eight months after

admitting conspiracy to import amphetamine and conspiracy to transfer criminal property.

Joseph Cox, 39, from Liverpool and Christian Stevenson, 38, from Denton, Manchester, were both sentenced to 20 months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply amphetamine and transferring criminal property.

The court heard how Davie’s lucrative operation netted him more than £896,000.00 and provided a luxury lifestyle including property in Spain, luxury holidays and cars.

The confiscation order represents the realistic amount of money that can be gained from his assets.

These assets include a large detached home in Bedford, a villa In Mijas, Spain a BMW X5, jewellery and watches.

Speaking after the Proceeds of Crime hearing, Detective Inspector Gary Atkinson of the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit said: “ERSOU are committed to ensuring that where persons are convicted of criminal offences they are not allowed to benefit from those crimes.

“ERSOU will continue to pursue these criminals across the Eastern Region and we will do all that we can to strip criminals of the very things that motivated them to engage in crime in the first instance.”