Driving instructors team up to offer learners skills for life

Assured Instructors, from Bedford.
Assured Instructors, from Bedford.

Seven experienced driving instructors from Bedford have joined forces to provide assistance in learning to drive safely for life - not just to pass the test.

Assured Instructors are offering learners the chance to acquire skills that will be beneficial throughout the whole of their driving lives.

Roger Easington, one of the instructors involved, said: “We all got together and had a chat because at the end of the day it’s not about cost it’s about learning to drive safely with skills that will be beneficial in the long term. A bad instructor can also cost you far more money as well as giving the candidate substandard teaching.

“Assured Instructors are about promoting the best safe driving you can do. It’s not just about passing a 45-minute driving test it’s also about promoting safe driving.

“There is no substitute for experience and this is something we have in abundance as we have many, many years teaching experience between all of us.

“Another of our beliefs is that learning to drive should be done the right way, the safest way and the way most beneficial to you in the long term. Not the cheapest way. After all, this isn’t just a quick fix, but skills you will use for many years to come.

“However, I should also point out that our instructor’s pass rates are amongst the best in the area too.”

For more information on the safety skills Assured Instructors provide visit http://www.eagleseye.me.uk/AssuredInstructors/wordpress