Day 1 report from world’s biggest skydiving challenge at Bodyflight

French team at Bodyflight Bedford
French team at Bodyflight Bedford

The world’s biggest skydiving event is taking place this weekend at Twinwoods near Milton Ernest where hundreds of sports enthusiasts are taking up the challenge.

Here is today’s report from Bodyflight.

Briefing on day one at Bodyflight Bedford.

Briefing on day one at Bodyflight Bedford.

With one of the largest wind tunnels in the world we were joined by 94 Teams from 24 Countries at last years Challenge 2013 and this years line up has blown that figure out of the water, with Bodyflight having to cap the number of registrations 2 weeks early, as we had already had a record number of 105 teams enter! With Teams from over 25 Countries right here right now for The World Challenge 2014 we have over 400 individual athletes and over 500 walking through our doors today!

The ex RAE military testing facility is packed out by some of the world’s most hardcore adrenaline sports enthusiasts and they will all be in the wind tunnel together.

Look out for Natalee Hazelwood’s video of the action on our website.

Day 1 - Round Up!

We’ve had huge days success and record turnout to the site, along with viewing figures for World Challenge TV being higher than anticipated, attracting visitors from around the globe to watch live.

So All of our teams have completed the first 5 rounds of day 1 and the standings are AAA team ‘NMP-Pch Hayabusa’ in first place position with a 21 point lead! 2nd, 3rd and 4th places are currently all to play for with only a 4 point difference between them, in the medals could be 2 teams from France!

Also Flying the flag for France are ‘Aerodyne French Girls’ in the Womens AAA, currently in first place position! Closely followed by USA team ‘The Golden Knights’ and our very own British team ‘Kaizen’.

Bahrain are currently topping the ladder by a significant points lead in A category!

Irish Team ‘Trajectory’ of Project 4 Way are all but guaranteed a medal place in the Rookie category, first timers to the competitive sport but coached by Sarah Smith From Bodyflight Isis, They are doing great!

Thursday - Youth Ambassadors!

The Qatar, Dubai and Singapore National Teams have arrived and are training hard in the tunnel ahead of the Challenge, with the Qatar Tigers looking very promising in the highest category AAA. In training are 4 members of the Dubai Teams ‘Mini Maktoum1 and ‘Mini Maktoum2’, aged 7, 8, 9 and 11 years old competing along side adult athletes in the artistic categories, Freefly and Dynamic. Also taking part for the first time ever are Singaporean Teams ‘Awesome’ and ‘Firefly’ who arrived today from the iFly tunnel, making up their teams are the 2 youth ambassadors Kyra Poh, 11 years old and Choo Yixuan, 12 years old!