Daughter’s tribute to a ‘lovely’ mum

Tamara Minshaw with her mum Gilly.
Tamara Minshaw with her mum Gilly.

The daughter of a Little Staughton woman who died from breast cancer has paid tribute to her ‘lovely’ mum.

Tamara Minshaw is having her head shaved for charity in honour of her mum Gilly who died aged 65 this month.

Tamara will be losing her locks at Fifth Avenue Hair and Beauty in Bedfordin the fundraiser on May 10.

Tamara said: “We are holding a fundraiser auction for MacMillan cancer support.

“My mother and I used to go shopping in Bedford so I asked all the shops she used to visit if they wanted to donate – the response from them and everyone was heartwarming and amazing. £1,000 was our target, we are now on £1,600 and hope to raise £2,500.”

Tamara added: “Mum said to me she didn’t realise just how many people knew and liked her. She was such a strong lady, she never looked ill, she always wore make-up and looked her best. She had a lovely smile. She also left me her pet Chihuahua, Jessie in her will, which was lovely.”

A service for Gilly was held at Bedford Crematorium on Tuesday. Tamara said: “The funeral was beautiful, there was a horse and carriage and a good turn-out.” To donate visit www.justgiving.com/tamara-minshaw