Police sign up to closer working with community watch schemes.

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Bedfordshire Police have signed an agreement to standardise and work more closely with the county’s community Watch schemes, following last month’s successful Neighbourhood Watch Week.

The Watch schemes are made up of members of the public who help their community by raising

awareness of crime prevention measures, alerting other members of the group to crime trends and liaising with Police, prompt reporting of activity, increase reassurance and maintain a caring and cohesive community.

The agreement includes the well-known Neighbourhood Watch scheme, as well as Speed Watch

and Street Watch who also share common interests.

Although the police and the independent Watch schemes have worked together closely for many

years, the Memorandum of Understanding makes a formal commitment as to how each party will

work together to benefit the public.

It commits the police to support, promote and help provide training for Watch members, as well as regular meetings and distributing crime prevention messages and literature. Watch scheme

co-ordinators agree to work in partnership with the police, local councils and other voluntary organisations to promote good communication between all parties, circulate information to their members, maintain an up-to-date members’ database and promptly report matters of local concern to the police.

There are other Watch schemes supported by the police for community groups with common interests – for instance Horse Watch, Business Watch, Pub Watch and Faith Watch. They receive messages through the police’s Ringmaster direct email and telephone scheme warning about crime series and hotspots which might affect them.

For more about the various Watch schemes and how to receive messages from the Ringmaster

system about your geographical area or interest group go to:


The agreement is signed by

Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Trippett on behalf of Bedfordshire Police

Hazel Snowball of Bedford and District Neighbourhood Watch

Tony Howells of Central Bedfordshire Neighbourhood Watch

Deborah Hopkins of Luton Neighbourhood Watch

John Plummer of Bedfordshire Street Watch

Terry Cobb of Bedfordshire Speed Watch.