Dead sheep, cannibis plants and dog in abandoned car found at village property

dead sheep at Podington.
dead sheep at Podington.

A cannabis factory, rotting sheep carcasses and a dog shut in an abandoned car were found at a property in Podington, in a joint raid.

Bedfordshire Police, the RSPCA and Trading Standards acted last week after receiving information about dead animals left to rot and welfare concerns for a dog.

The three agencies executed a warrant under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 at the property on Airfield Road and when they got there found a dog shut in an abandoned car in the full heat of the midday sun, without any water. A ferret was also seized, as it was deemed to be living in appalling conditions with no access to clean water or bedding.

The RSPCA took the animals away to care for them and will be responsible for investigating any animal welfare offences.

Trading Standards will deal with potential offences stemming from the failure to properly dispose of farm animal remains.

During the search, a cannabis factory of 21 plants at various stages of development and a production line was also located and was dealt with by the police.

The male occupant was arrested the following day and remains on police bail without charge pending further enquiries.