Crime is falling, but so is victim satisfaction.

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Crime levels are falling across Bedfordshire, but Beds Police are still ranked second-bottom for victim satisfaction.

These figures will be presented on Friday (October 19) to Bedfordshire Police Authority, the body that oversees policing across the county.

Despite improvements in crime investigation and crime reduction, Bedfordshire Police was ranked 42nd out of 43 police authorities for victim satisfaction.

A report by Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock says: “The force is currently achieving its performance ambition to be ranked 20th or better in four of its five priority crime areas (domestic burglary, vehicle crime, most serious violence and serious sexual offences). Domestic burglary, vehicle crime and most serious sexual violence are on a long-term improving trend.

“The fall in serious sexual offences rank was anticipated, as the previous rank was boosted by the effects of two multiple detection incidents.

“The overall positive disposal rate (which includes sanction detections and restorative justice outcomes) has improved from the previous year and is similar to the end-of-year performance ambition.”

The crime figures relate to the period April 1 to September 30.

Beds Police was ranked 42nd for victim satisfaction, with overall satisfaction rated at 80.6 per cent, between August 2011 and July 2012.

This meant that satisfaction improved compared to 12 months earlier when it was 80 per cent - but the force still slipped down the ranking from when it had been 41st.

Overall the force was ranked fifth in the country for its detection rate for serious sexual offences.

The force also improved across the board in its crime reduction for all five priority crimes. However, the force fell shy of its target for reduction in overall recorded crime, being ranked 26th in the UK against its target of being ranked 20th.

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