Council united on hospital concern?

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Council chiefs have vowed to unite across the parties over concerns to proposed changes at Bedford 

But the mayor has come under fire, for his Liberal Democrat-led Save Bedford Hospital website which other parties have described as politically driven.

This week Mr Hodgson officially announced his backing for a campaign, which aims to stop cuts to services at the hospital.

He said: “I’m not trying to scaremonger but people are concerned and we need to try and get information out there.

“We don’t know it’s Bedford Hospital which would suffer the most but you would not expect me as Bedford’s mayor to say I am taking the risk.

He added: “We would encourage all other parties to have their own sites and their own lists. I’m really happy that we have all party support.”

But Labour councillor Louise King said that her party would not have their own site, and that people should visit the
supportbedfordhospital page.

She said: “I’m pleased that at the last council meeting all three parties agreed to work together for the people of Bedford. When we speak as one our voices will be that much louder. That is why we pushed for a petition on the Borough Council website so that it was non-political, which I am glad to see is now up and running. It is therefore clearly very disappointing that the Liberal Democrats are refusing to take down their own petition website, which is simply not needed.”