Could you live on £1 a day?

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A stint volunteering overseas has inspired a Bedford woman to try to survive on £1 a day.

Angela Williams, who lived with a rural community in Nicaragua, will spend five days on a food budget of just £5.

The challenge is part of the Live Below The Line movement, which raises awareness about global poverty.

Angela said: “I spent three months in Nicaragua volunteering as a natural resources manager with the International Citizen Service. I was in charge of eleven 18-to-25 year olds, half of whom came from the UK, the other half were from Nicaragua.

“Part of the deal is that when you come home you continue to be an active citizen, so I chose the Live Below The Line challenge.”

Armed with her fiver, Angela is “meticulously planning” how to make her meals.

She said: “I will have to shop around, and shop carefully. Every ingredient has to be accounted for, including butter and oil for cooking. I will stick to tap water to make the money go further.”

Living on £1-per-day is a reality for about 1.2billion people around the world, who also have to account for their fuel, transport and clothing and other costs, not just their food.

Angela hopes her efforts will help raise money to tackle poverty. To sponsor her, go to or follow her twitter diary @Williamos87 from Monday (June 16).