Confident for the next generation, says MP Richard Fuller

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The reduction in inflation this week – it fell to a four year low of 1.7% annually - was further welcome news about the economy.

Unemployment in Bedford is down by over 20% in the past year, and since 2010, average weekly earnings in Bedford have grown from below the national average to above the national average.

These are gains, hard won by people who head out to work each day, pay their taxes and who then do something extra to help out friends, family and neighbours who are less fortunate.

In the Budget last week, the Chancellor did his bit to help, by letting people keep a bit more of the money they earn – the first £10,500 of income will be free from tax – and also to trust people more with their savings when they reach retirement.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, these measures have proved popular.

People like a Chancellor who trusts them with their own money, rather than taking it from them.

The country is only part way through the process of building a stable, broad based recovery that is meaningful to all, and which can generate the national income to help pay for the public services we value.

The Chancellor was right not to indulge us with pre-election gimmicks.

We don’t have the time or temper for these.

We just want to be able to plan with more confidence for the future and also to know that the next generation and the following one will have better opportunities than our own.