Composer appeals for funding help

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A talented composer is appealing for help in funding to record a project that brought the creative people of the community together.

Johnny Parry, his orchestra and Bedford Community Choir unveiled their project Concerto Magnificent last year in a one-off performance for the Bedford Communtity Choir - created to perform the unqiue piece by Johnny, with the help of hundreds of people who got involved.

The piece was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts, and they and Johnny are appealing for help in funding to make a recording of the work, through PledgeMusic.

Johnny said: “I was really pleased with how well the project went. We basically asked anyone he wanted to be involved to come forward, there was no requirement that you had to be able to sing.

“So that kind of project always had the possibility of ending very badly, but it didn’t.”

Through the Pledge Music fundraising scheme the team hopes to make a recording of this spectacular new work.

The text for the seven movements of the piece are made up solely from unique donations from the public.

Hundreds of sentences relating to different themes were collected to form the lyrics for the choir, eventually creating a disparate patchwork of experiences ranging from the highly personal and earnest to the comic or totally abstract.

It was Johnny’s job to weave these fragments into a piece of music.

Armed with a big-hearted army of 50 singers and 30 musicians. the final piece was premiered at Bedford Corn Exchange late last year.

And now it is time to record it, but they need you help.

Pledge Music is a way for a musical project to be funded before it is created.

Depending on your pledge, you can be directly involved in realising the work.

Everyone who pledges will be credited and will have a rare insight into the making of the album with updates of the whole process.

Five per cent of all pledges go to the charity Bedford Creative Arts, which funded the original project. Go to to watch a film and make your pledge.