Commuter angry after parking ticket mix-up - FCC to investigate

Cheryl Harding.
Cheryl Harding.

A commuter who parks at Bedford rail station is fuming after a mix-up which left her with a parking ticket.

Cheryl Harding, from Colmworth, who parks regularly at Bedford, arrived at the station on Monday, February 10 while resurfacing work was going on.

She said: “A man in a yellow reflective jacket waved me and other people into an area that was wide enough to park and said it would be ok.

“There were quite a few people who had parked on undesignated spaces.”

Cheryl was unsure who the man worked for but believes he may have been one of the contractors.

She added: “They had blocked a section of the car park with their vans.

“I thought like everyone else at the time that they were officials.”

When Cheryl returned that evening she had been given a ticket, which will cost her £50 if paid early - and at least six other vehicles had them too.

“I was so annoyed about it. They ought to figure out who is in charge and have a joined up approach.”

A First Capital Connect spokesman said: “We are currently investigating the situation along with our car parking partners.

“In the case of Cheryl Harding, her car was parked on double yellow lines and thus given a parking ticket.

“We are subsequently reviewing her appeal and will be in contact with her once we have finished our investigation.”