Community order for assaulting wife

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A man has been given a two-year community order after assaulting his wife and two members of restaurant staff.

Mark Pierre Fearon, 40, who committed the offences at the Karma Bar and Grill in Midland Road, Bedford, was sentenced on Tuesday.

Fearon, of Harold Road in Barton-le-Clay and Holland Road in Ampthill, pleaded guilty to assaulting Angela Fearon, Ashok Chavda and Emil Chavda, and criminally damaging two window panes on December 17, last year.

Prosecutor Mr Gallagher, describing the events of November 3, said Fearon suspected his wife of having an affair and demanded she handed over her phone. As they later left the restaurant he grabbed her hair causing Mr Chavda to intervene.

Mr Gallagher added Mr Chavda was headbutted and punched by the defendant while Emil Chavda was assaulted when he tried to intervene. Fearon also broke the window during the incident.

Speaking on Fearon’s behalf, the defence said Fearon had not been in ‘his correct state of mind’ in the mistaken belief his wife was cheating. He confessed to the incident and sought to apologise to Ashok and Emil Chavda through his solicitor.

Fearon was handed the community order with the requirement to attend an Integrated Domestic Abuse programme. He must also pay compensation of £50 to Ashok Chavda, £50 to the restaurant for the broken glass, a £60 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

He was also given a 12-month restraining order not to intimidate, harass or pester his wife, who wants to continue their relationship.