TV tale of dad’s race home

Train guard Adrian Johnson featired on a Sky TV documentary avout East Coast Trains

Train guard Adrian Johnson featired on a Sky TV documentary avout East Coast Trains

A train worker was featured on Sky TV this week as part of a documentary that saw him fight through the March freak blizzards so he would not miss the birth of his baby daughter.

Adrian Johnson, 32, became a star of the small screen after featuring in a new 10 part TV documentary series called All Aboard: East Coast Trains.

Train guard Adrian starred in the sixth episode called All In A Day’s Work, which was broadcast on Tuesday.

The show saw him fear that he would miss the birth of his fourth child after he got stranded in Newcastle when a freak blizzard hit the UK in March this year.

Adrian, of Howes Drive, Marston Moretaine, said: “We had just arrived in Newcastle when these blizzards hit. It was late afternoon and usually it takes four or five hours to get back to London so I was starting to worry about getting back.

“My wife was due to give birth any day, I had been there for all my other children’s births, I knew I couldn’t miss this one.

“Luckily though the blizzard didn’t hit Newcastle as bad as we thought it would, so we managed to get on the train back about an hour-and-a-half later. And it all worked okay because my daughter was born a couple of days later on March 11, which is actually my birthday so that was the best present.”

Adrian has worked on the railways for 11 years, starting as chef, then team leader, crew leader and finally train guard three years ago.

Staff were originally asked to apply to be involved in the documentary, but Adrian previously featured in the East Coast Trains television advert three years ago so decided not to apply this time.

The father-of-four who works on the Kings Cross to Newcastle line, added: “I decided not to apply and I just thought I’ll wait and see if it happens. I was on shift one day and one of the producers was on my train. I started chatting to him and mentioned that I was expecting my fourth child with my wife.

“He seemed quite interested and set up a meeting and they decided they wanted to film me. So they followed me around for four days on shift.

“It was quite nervewracking and quite hard to get used to the cameras.

“I was very cautious of what I was saying and obviously didn’t want to say the wrong thing.

“But after a while I started to relax and was just myself and I hope that’s what came across to the viewers.”




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