Men attacked on way home from kebab shop

Carol Oxenham was attacked by a group of thugs late Sunday night on his way back from a kebab shop

Carol Oxenham was attacked by a group of thugs late Sunday night on his way back from a kebab shop

Two pensioners were left injured after an unprovoked attack in the early hours of Sunday morning.

January 14 2014

65-year-old man Carol Oxenham was left with a fractured eye socket and a broken jaw after an unprovoked assault in the early hours of Sunday morning.

His friend 72-year-old Merlin O’Brien also sustained major bruising and swelling, being left with two black eyes as the

men walked home together after getting a takeaway in Bedford town centre.

The incident happened at about 1am on Sunday (Jan 12) as the men had left a kebab shop in the Broadway. Having bought their food, they came from Cobden Square and were walking along the footpath at Cavendish Street that leads eventually on to Roff Avenue.

On the footpath, they were suddenly set upon by one or two men, who were with a larger group of up to ten.

They were punched, kicked and stamped on, apparently with no motive.

Mr Oxenham will need extensive surgery to correct the damage done to him and Mr O’Brien was treated by emergency paramedics at the scene for his injuries.

Detective Constable Andy Boston said: “Even for an experienced detective, it’s shocking to see the severity of injuries caused to two gentlemen of this age who have been attacked for no obvious reason. “At this stage details are still a bit sketchy as both have been beaten round the head but nothing has

been stolen and no words were exchanged before the attack.

“They can think of no reason why they were targeted and neither can I – they were minding their own business simply walking home from the kebab shop.

“Violence of this level is still very rare in Bedford town centre so I’m that sure that anyone who sees these pictures and can give us information, will want to help.

“Someone else may have taken the same route home and seen these people hanging about on the footpath, or knows what was behind the attack.

“Perhaps you were in the group but were not involved in the attack and were disgusted by what you saw. Please contact us with any information you have – the injuries look bad enough as it is, but in fact they could have had an even worse outcome.”

If anyone can help please contact Det Con Andy Boston on 01234 275340, or text the force control room direct on 07786 200011 or contact independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.




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