Comedian Steve Punt hosts Radio 4 show at uni which airs over Easter

Steve Punt at University of Bedfordshire.
Steve Punt at University of Bedfordshire.

Listeners of BBC Radio 4 will be able to find out the long awaited question, “who is more ‘intelligent’ academics or students?” as the University of Bedfordshire stars on national radio next week.

Hit comedy show The 3rd Degree, which pits three undergraduates against three lecturers in a fun quiz format, is due to air across the country on Easter Monday, April 21, at 3pm.

Recorded at the University of Bedfordshire Theatre – in front of a large, and thoroughly entertained, audience back in December – the show is hosted by comedian Steve Punt, who is also a star of The Now Show.

The dynamic format is aimed to cultivate the next generation of Radio 4 listeners whilst delighting the current ones, and of course meets the most stringent Radio 4 standards of academic rigour – but with lots of facts and jokes thrown in for good measure.

As you will hear, Bedfordshire’s contestants were quizzed on a whole range of subjects from history, sciences and languages, to modern day current affairs – which often left them red faced and flummoxed!

The courageous teams up for the challenge were students Michael Jenkins, John Whitney and Mohammed Khaled, who dared to face some of the University’s elite experts in a range of fields; Professor Gail Kinman (Chair in Psychology), Dr Andrew Mitchell (Head of Department, Sport Science and Physical Activity) and Dr Daniel Bye (Lecturer in Theatre).

John is an English and Theatre Studies student, who is currently gaining valuable work experience as a Production Administrator for the SIFDans Festival (to be hosted at the University) as part of the University’s internship scheme.

He said: “Being on the panel was a great experience; I worked with two people I’d never met before, against lecturers that we each knew from our respective departments.

“It was great because I seemed to know many of the answers. Sadly, these were not the answers to my own questions! But that’s the thing with The 3rd Degree, the questions are either really difficult and you have no idea or really obvious and you want to kick yourself. I remember kicking myself several times afterwards because I didn’t remember so many obvious answers!”

Professor Helen Bailey, the University’s Executive Dean of Academic Partnerships, commented: “The University of Bedfordshire’s students are becoming used to the limelight, having already starred on ITV2’s Freshers, and with many of the Media students going on prestigious roles in the industry, so this will confer yet further kudos on them.

“It’s fabulous that as a University we are able to offer our students the opportunity of gaining such wide access to the media. I’m sure it’s an experience these students will never forget!”