Alan Dee: Can I get a few more resolutions?

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You may think I am leaving it a bit late, but this is the first time I have pressed fingers to keyboard in the year of our Lord 2013, so in no particular order here are the things I am going to do my best to avoid in the 12 months ahead, mainly for the good of my blood pressure and piece of mind.

First, because I was doing it so much over the festive period while in the unaccustomed company of hip and happening young people, is to accept defeat and stop tutting, sighing and correcting at some length anyone who asks for service of any kind by starting ‘Can I get...”

For once and for all, if you were in a position to get it for yourself you’d be the waiter, the bar worker, or the shop assistant and they wouldn’t be waiting for you to tell them what you wanted.


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