Closing bus door traps pensioner

A pensioner has been left with injuries and “scared to go out” after she was trapped in the door of a bus while getting off.

69-year-old Agnes Whyte was getting off the number 52 Bedford to Kempston at around 3pm near her home in Whitbread Avenue, Bedford on December 20, which was her birthday, when the incident happened.

She was with her daughter Sharon who had already got off the bus, but as Agnes was halfway through stepping off the driver closed the doors and was about to set off.

He only realised when Sharon and two other women, who were still waiting to get on the bus, started shouting at the him.

Agnes said: “After the accident I started to get a lot of pain in my back and the top of my legs. The doors just completely squeezed me in. It was very frightening. It has really affected me.

“We made a complaint to Stagecoach, but from their response we didn’t really feel it was taken that seriously.”

Managing director Andy Campbell said: “We are very sorry this incident happened and following a complaint we carried out an internal investgation.

“However, Mrs Whyte originally said she had been trapped in the doors, she did not give any indication she had been injured.

“We would be happy to go back and take another statement if Mrs Whyte would like to amend what she said