Ceramic poppies commemorate World War One in Kempston

Poppies in shape of 100 at Robert Bruce Middle School, Kempston.
Poppies in shape of 100 at Robert Bruce Middle School, Kempston.

There was no need to travel to the Tower of London this week - Kempston had its own fantastic display of ceramic poppies, thanks to the students of Robert Bruce Middle School.

More than 400 poppies have been made by students and staff to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of World War One. They were displayed along the school driveway on Tuesday, November 11.

As part of the day’s commemorations, residents of the Parkside Care Home in Kempston were invited to the school for lunch where they talked to the children about how two World wars affected their lives and families.

Headteacher Karen Parker was delighted with the poppies and welcomed guests to share this special day with students and staff.

She said: “The Tower of London has almost 900,000 poppies, one for each of the soldiers that died. Each of our 400 poppies will represent 2,250 lives lost.

The students have made superb poppies and we are all extremely proud of them and that we have been able to make our own contribution to remember all of those who have lost their lives in conflicts over the past 100 years.”

Representatives from The Royal British Legion attended on the day and it is hoped that the individual poppies will be sold with all proceeds going to the charity.