Cats and rabbits given home hope

Debbie Croot, Gayle Simpkin and Becky West with rabbits
Debbie Croot, Gayle Simpkin and Becky West with rabbits

A veterinary practice has teamed up with the RSPCA.

Deepdale Veterinary and Aquatic Centre, which is between Potton and Sandy, has opened an RSPCA rehoming unit in its barn.

Emma and Charles Cullen, who own and run the practice, have donated the space to the charity’s Bedfordshire North branch.

Their help is crucial as, although the local branch comes under the RSPCA organisation, it has to source all of its own funding and a shop style rehoming unit was previously too expensive.

Gayle Simpkins, RSPCA branch manager, said: “We struggled to get the animals seen. When Deepdale offered us the space it gave us the ability to have them on show.”

The veterinary practice, which already provided medical care for the RSPCA animals, currently houses rabbits and kittens for the RSPCA but different animals will go on display as they arrive.

Members of the public can stop by, as with any pet shop, and buy the animals.

They will have been neutered and vaccinated.

Some of the animals are quickly snapped up by new owners but others – such as beautiful grey-ish rabbits, Myrtle and Ginny – are left with the charity for months because they are deemed to be the wrong colour.

Thirty more unwanted rabbits are waiting for a space to go on show as are 60 cats, so the importance of getting pets neutered cannot be overstated.

Deepdale has stopped selling cats, rabbits and other larger pets to avoid competing with the RSPCA.

The charity will also be running animal care courses from Deepdale.

Stop by to see the animals or call Deepdale on 01767 261600. Visit for branch details.