‘Cat spikes’ are a ‘deterrent’ but pet owners worried

MBTC 26-01-13- Anti cat- spike Seaton Drive .
MBTC 26-01-13- Anti cat- spike Seaton Drive .

A householder’s cat prevention methods have sparked concern from neighbours.

Stuart Houghton, who lives in Seaton Drive, Bedford has spikes on top of the fence and walls surrounding his home, to stop cats coming into his garden.

But neighbours say that they now worry for the safety of their pets.

One resident said: “We have phoned the RSPCA and they said that they don’t like the sound of it but there’s nothing really that they can do.”

They added:“We have a house cat, and my neighbour has three cats. We see them walking about and we are worried for them.”

The RSPCA confirmed that the spikes are not illegal. But if an animal is injured and is not helped there may be cause for an investigation.

Mr Houghton said: “I store certain foods in that area that the cats have taken. Over the years we have spent hundreds on cat deterrents, in the last year I’ve had cat alarms which haven’t worked. The cat spikes that I’ve had put up are just another way to deter them, I’m not trying to injure them.

“What this is, is a wider issue with certain neighbours. Maybe if they fed their cats properly they wouldn’t come after food in my garden.”

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