Castle witnessed a gruesome end

Castle Mound, Bedford.
Castle Mound, Bedford.

The story of why there is now no castle in Bedford has fascinated historians through generations.

The town’s Association of Tour Guides will be revealing the history during the next guided walk this weekend.

Twice the castle played a major part in the great medieval difficulties experienced by the nation, armies have been based here and townspeople have used the mound for hundreds of years, yet little is left standing.

If you are interested in the story of the castle and the two major characters who feature in its downfall, William Beauchamp and Faukes de Breaute, and want to learn more, then join the guided walk.

The story is a bloody one and the end is frightening, so those of a more sensitive disposition should be warned. There are mass hangings, fires, boiling oil and heads on spikes - all essential to any good historical yarn.

This walk will leave the Tourist Information Centre in Market Square, Bedford at 11am on Sunday, June 1. The cost is £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

Book by calling 01234 718112.