Campaign to highlight depression

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A young man who is involved in an awareness campaign to help spot the signs of male depression has spoken of his own experience with the condition.

Chris Hill, 27 and a group of other young people have set up the Centred campaign to highlight the causes of male depression as part of the Bedford Uprising leadership programme.

He said: “As part of the campaign we want to help point out services to people.

“When my counselling sessions stopped there was a felling of, where do I go now. Sometimes I felt that it would have been of more benefit to have a continued process of talking.”

He added: “Men do internalise a lot of things, it does build up and it does implode and then you can’t cope with the result.

“You feel embarrassed, ashamed and feel like you are someone weak.”

Chris was diagnosed with depression two and a half years ago, but it was only after contemplating suicide that he sought help to get his condition under control.

He said: “Most days are ok, then at times there’s anxiety and depression. You always have that on edge feeling that something bad could happen.

“Sometimes you feel that if you say to people you need time off because you suffer from depression they don’t have half as much sympathy than if something was physically wrong with you.”

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