Treasure trove of new and vintage clothing to be discovered at new Harpur Centre store

Owner of Bohemian Finds, Gretchen Larkin, with model Sass Bouffant, left, opening new store in Harpur Centre, Bedford.

Owner of Bohemian Finds, Gretchen Larkin, with model Sass Bouffant, left, opening new store in Harpur Centre, Bedford.

A unique and beautiful boutique is opening its doors at the Harpur Centre, Bedford, this weekend.

The vision of its owner, Gretchen Larkin, Bohemian Finds is a treasure trove of new and vintage clothing inspired by the 1950s and 60s, and her new store opens on Saturday, June 28,

Gretchen says she is inspired by her love of all things “fashion”, from the 1920s and Audrey Hepburn to Vivienne Westwood and Helena Bonham Carter, and aims to source an eclectic mix of clothing and bring them together under one roof.

Her passion for the search for unique, one-off items is evident in the diverse, individual pieces that customers will be able to see in her shop.

Gretchen said: “I initially started as an online business before opening my first shop in Northampton two years ago.

“It was very daunting but the reception we received was overwhelming. It made me realise that there are a lot of people out there looking for individual, stylish pieces of clothing that they just can’t find on the high street. It is the popularity of my first shop that has led me to opening my second in Bedford.

“We aspire to appeal to every generation, from teenagers to grandmothers and everyone in between, and to offer something that is a little bit different but very special.

“Our clothes aim to inspire and accentuate personalities rather than follow any particular “fashion” and we’re confident that they do this!

“In terms of location for the new shop the Harpur Centre was at the top of my wish list. It is a thriving centre that always looks immaculate. The management of the centre was also important in influencing my decision. They have been extremely supportive and the standards that they set are attractive to a discerning clientele which is commensurate with the expectations of Bohemian Finds.

Sam Laycock, centre manager at the Harpur Centre, said: “We’re very excited to welcome Bohemian Finds, Gretchen and her team to the Harpur Centre. It really is completely different to any other shop we have here and we’re confident it will be an instant hit with our customers.”

For further information about Bohemian Finds please visit or call 01604 621 863.




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