Business encourage working to stop smoking

Business news
Business news

A consultancy firm teamed up with British e-cigarette manufacturer Intellicig to help their staff cut down or quit smoking.

Mayfair Insurance and Mortgage Consultants Ltd, based in Lurke Street, Bedford are encouraging their staff o No Smoking Day tomorrow.

Mayfair manager Val Kelly said: ““We were really shocked when we discovered that one person dies every six seconds due to smoking.”

“So we decided to do our bit to help. American firms have started employee health incentives to prod workers into healthier lifestyles and lives are being save.”

“Firms in some states are even fining tobacco users. But we’re not introducing any rules here,

“Carrots are better than sticks, so we’re providing free e-cigarettes to help the smokers on our team.”

An intellicig delivers nicotine to take away a smoker’s cravings.