Bunyan Centre to close

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A SPORTS facility will close at the end of next summer following the opening of the Bedford Academy.

The Bunyan Sports Centre, in Mile Road, Bedford will close when a shared facility agreement with the newly formed Bedford Academy comes to a close.

Plans to close the centre and other council cuts are outlined in Bedford Borough Council’s budget proposals published today.

The proposals will be put before the council executive next Wednesday (September 14) before being opened up to the public for a 90 day consultation phase.

Dave Hodgson, The Mayor of Bedford, said: “It will remain open until the end of the summer term next year.

“This gives the best part of the year to talk to people about it.

“It might be a possibility for a community group or business to buy it.

He added: “Now that Bedford Academy is building it’s own sports facilities we would have to pay their £438,000 per year plus the £300,000 that we were already subsidising.

“That is not sustainable in the current climate, even in good times it wouldn’t be sustainable.”

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